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We are a Christian based non-profit organisation focused on community outreach, engagement, supporting, empowering and helping those in need/vulnerable and less priviledged in our society with a view to raise their wellbeing and standard of living 


Community outreach engagement, empowerment and helping those in need/vulnerable.

- Utilise befriending groups/services, educating through short courses, engagement through small groups/workshops that help equip and empower people

- Supporting humanitarian needs in our communities, through, love, care and compassion.  These needs may include social needs support such as food, clothing, supporting the homeless, mental health, grief and loss, relationship breakdown, parenting,

budgeting, pastoral care etc

- Supporting and helping those in need/vulnerable in our community in practical ways. eg: foodbank  and clothe bank

- Examples of some of our sessions -cooking, health and wellbeing awareness eg, mental health awareness and support, wellbeing walking group, women health - menopause etc, support4families -parenting and other workshops, support or engagement with refugee and migrant community, 

- Provide opportunities to connect and network with others, learn skills and benefit from sign posting where applicable;

- Support people by offering space for them to talk, at times begin to or work through and process their challenges, loss, or brokenness; or share experiences and coping strategies; opportunities to ask questions; self help ideas and awareness of where to seek relevant help/support.

- Supporting people to come out of isolation, and not to go through difficulties alone or getting overwhelmed alone.

- Supporting people to gain/regain confidence, learn new skills, value their self worth, find meaning and purpose, build relationship with family and others, reintegrate into community making new friendship.

- Our befriending hubs and virtual platforms are available in providing this support and utilise various meaningful engagement activities.

- As a humanitarian organisation we are always working to find ways and solutions to support people in need in our communities, including signposting people where applicable to other relevant organisations.


*All we do is underpinned and encompassed by our Christian based values of love, compassion, care, empathy, respect, honesty and integrity.  Our Christian values and God's word  motivates and spurs us on to be the good Samaritan of our day (Luke 10:25-37) and bear one another's burdens (Gal 6:2-5) Jesus' gratefulness for those who were there for those in need without any judgements and revealed that they did it to or for him,  "when I was hungry you fed me" (Matt 25:35-40) the conduct that is acceptable towards our fellow humans ( Isaiah 58:6-7).


compassion, care, respect, integrity, empathy, honesty,

prayer, a holistic approach

We strive for excellence in our delivery of support

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